The Academic Planning Unit (APU) is one of the Units in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.  Part of her main responsibilities includes obtaining up-to-date, relevant and accurate data for processing and/or for generating relevant information to guide university management for accurate and timely decision making on university matters. These include:

  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of data from relevant university bodies such as; the faculties, centres, institutes and administrative units.
  • Development of information data bank on various aspects of University operation for use by the University as it deems fit.
  • Periodic up-dating and analysis of data for internal evaluation of the performance status of the University on all the NUC approved funding parameters and other guidelines;
  • Annual updating, projections, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning and preparation of University budget.
  • Keeping up to date records on the accreditation status of all academic programmes in the University
  • Ensuring that self-study Forms for all academic programmes due for NUC Accreditation are completed correctly and all the necessary information required are provided.
  • Ensuring that only programmes with NUC’s approved Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) are allowed to run in the University.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the university’s annual and trend statistics;
  • Publication of the University records, statistics, and research reports as may be directed or approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

All planning, research statistics and publications functions are handled jointly by planning officers while the administrative and secretarial units handle administrative and secretarial functions and data entry operations.

The Academic Planning Unit (APU) of the University of Nigeria produces several reports each year. These include Annual statistics, the University System Annual Review Recurrent Estimate, Institutional Bulletin, Academic Brief, etc. These reports are designed to guide the University Administration’s internal management decisions and also for guiding policy direction and performance of the University.